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Historic White Oaks, Lincoln County, New Mexico. Billy the Kid thought of White Oaks as a "resort."
It's spring in White Oaks, New Mexico, and the locals are starting to wake up. Ivy is throwing pots up at White Oaks Pottery and, Bob Reynierson's gallery is open, and the No Scum Allowed Saloon is open Friday & Saturday nights and maybe Sunday afternoons. A year ago it was named one of American Cowboy Magazine's "Best Cowboy Bars in the West."  (The only one in New Mexico.) Not much has changed at Cedarvale, one of New Mexico's most historic graveyards. Print out the self-driving tour info. Cruise around a township that was once the second largest city in the state (2500-5000 residents*) until the gold ran out. Please, feel free to take a rock home with you. There are plenty. Amuse yourself (because as one Trip Advisor review noted, "There's nothing really to do in White Oaks"). Bring your metal detector. White Oaks is definitely past perfect tense.


Gold Mining Boomtown


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Published May, 2012

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