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Historic White Oaks, Lincoln County, New Mexico. Billy the Kid thought of White Oaks as a "resort."

Bob Reynierson, impressionist painter, sculptor and sometimes gold miner.

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White Oaks artist Bob Reynierson.

Bob Reynierson, White Oaks artist, White Oaks, New Mexico.

Bob Reynierson White Oaks artist.



Bob's studio is right on White Oaks Road next to the old Brown Store (corner of White Oaks Road and Pine St.). You're welcome anytime, just knock. To call ahead, his phone number is 575.648.4148.

Bob speciallizes in Southwest themes and landscapes and contemporary cowboy art. He's also the pastor at the new White Oaks Church, has been known to make things with chain saws and mine for gold.

Bob Reynierson White Oaks Artist.In addition to over three dozen oils of all sizes and several dozen framed watercolors, Bob often has small signed limited edition prints of local subjects including White Oaks, Valley of Fires, Rio Bonito, White Sands, horses, Indians, cowboys and stagecoaches. Bob's painting titled "When Mail's Delivered Fast!" was purchased by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Posse to be used on their poster for the 2000 Pony Express Ride.

Bob holds a BA degree in Art and he has painted for most of his fife. Bob also studied privately with a number of artists where he learned to paint and draw many techniques from realism to abstract expressionist For many years Bob was an abstract expressionist; however, for the past ten years or so, he has concentrated on realism Often, however, he will use an abstract or impressionistic background.

A native of the Bluegrass State, Kentucky, Bob specialized in horse and animal paintings. Upon moving to the Southwest twenty years ago, Bob has expanded his art to include landscape and cowboy and Indian art. Bob's art is unique in that he often uses glazes where the viewer looks through color rather than onto color.



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