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Historic White Oaks, Lincoln County, New Mexico. Billy the Kid thought of White Oaks as a "resort."
There are no food or lodging options in White Oaks (though the No Scum Allowed Saloon offers food-for-donations for some events and on big weekends).  The closest motels and restaurants are in Carrizozo, NM, a crossroads (US 2890 & Highway 54) historical railroad community and still the Lincoln County seat.  If you liked 1958; you'll love Carrizozo. In terms of lodging, there are no big box chain motels, but rather some surviving strip motels from the Route 66 era.  You can expect a clean value-packed room, hot and cold running water and trains that still roll the north south line day and night.  No spas (though The Rainbow Inn claims to have WiFi.). When it comes to grub, the Greyhound stops at the Alsup's 24-hour store. Willie's is a good choice, too. There are make-you-own picnic supplies at The Carrizozo Market (open until 7 p.m. nightly).  All times are NMT (New Mexico Time); call to check. Return to the White Oaks home page.

Dining options near White Oaks, New Mexico.


The Outpost bar & grill, near White Oaks, New Mexico.


The Outpost Bar & Grill
415 Central
Carrizozo, NM 88301

No credit cards, no checks; cash spoken here.

Probably the most "famous" eating establishment in the area.

Has a somewhat legendary reputation for its green chile cheeseburger and a basket of fries that would make a cardiologist cry. It's a five-napkin task. The atmosphere with its dusty collection of stuffed trophies (including a squirrel) is worth the stop. It all goes down well with a cold Corona. While still among the contendors for top green chile cheeseburger in the county; old timers miss they days when the burgers were not pre-formed and the full liquor license had not been cashed out. Back in the day, before New Mexico went PC, there used to be a drive-up liquor window here. A guy's best bet; not much in the way of chick food (get your satisfaction from his grin).

Got to love "HO MADE" food.

Kelly's New Mexican Food in Carrizozo, near White Oaks, New Mexico.

Kelly's New Mexican Food
1108 E St

Used to be Paul's Coffee Cup.  A small-town diner with home cookin' and reasonable prices.



Four Winds Restaurant in Carrisoso, New Mexico

Four Winds Restaurant
111 Central Avenue
(575) 648-2964

Most credit cards.

Home of the Carrizozo Rotary Club every Tuesday; the Four Winds is your basic eggs & bacon, meatloaf kind of rural dining experience.  The Mexican food is okay, but there's no real "signature" item on the menu. Go there with no expectations and you won't be disappointed.  Better than the hot links/Doritos/Twinkies option across the intersection at Alsups. Takes major credit cards. Read a yelp review here.

Paul's New Mexican Takeout, Carrizozo, NM

Paul's Mexican Food
6505 US Highway 380
(575) 648-2885

Good New Mexican Food. All take out, good choice if you want to grab some food to take to White Oaks. Cook used to run Paul's Coffee Kup until he put up this Tufshed building and put a picnic table out front.

La Brewja, Carrizozo, NM.

La Brewja Cafe (closed and recently reopened under new management)
113 Central Avenue

No information available.

Elsie's Burgers, Carrizozo, NM

Willie's Place
102 Highway 380 Carrizozo NM 88301
(575) 648-4200
Hours daily 7-7 New Mexico Time (call to confirm).
Free wifi.ddress

Click here to see the menu.

This place was one of those rural Tasty Freezes of days past and has a good reputation among burger fans, though their signature item might be a great milkshake. Some good Mexican food made fresh (so only available until some items sell out.  Near crossroads. Has a drive-thru. Open 7 days a week.

Sands Motel in Carrizozo, New Mexico.

Roy's Ice Cream Parlour
1200 E Avenue (US 54)
(575) 648-2921

On the National Historic Register, located in what was once the Paden Drug Store (built 1906-10). Dr. Paden moved to Carrizozo in 1906 after the railroad hired him to be their physican and surgeon. Interesting place. Visit Roy's website.

The Carrizozo Market

The Carrizozo Market
400 Central Avenue
(575) 648-2788

Visa & MC.

When a picnic is an option, The Carrizozo Market is the place to stop prior to going on to White Oaks. 









This is interesting about White Oaks, New Mexico

12th Avenue in Carrizozo, near White Oaks, New Mexico.

Nearby White Oaks, Carrizozo have become a hub of art galleries and antique shops (the highest concentration of antique purverors in Lincoln County, New Mexico).

Malkerson Modern Art Gallery in Carrizozo, near White Oaks, New Mexico.

Lodging options near White Oaks, New Mexico.

Rainbow Inn, Carrizozo, NM.

The Rainbow Inn
101 Central Avenue
Carrizozo, NM 88301
(575) 648-4006

Right across the street from the Four Winds Restaurant and within walking distance of the Carrizozo Heritage Museum.  Has a couple of free-standing modular "cottages" out back that look pretty decent.  Of all the Carrizozo motels, the Rainbow appears to be the most kept-up, though still in the old Santa Fe highway Route 66 era-mode. Their sign says they have WiFi. No spa or room service. Read a couple yelp reviews here.

Sands Motel in Carrizozo, New Mexico.

Sands Motel
1400 Central Avenue
Carrizozo, NM 88301
(575) 648-2989

On US 54, still a pretty well traveled trucking route north and south to El Paso (it's not so boring as Interstate 25 to the west).  Has an RV park with hook-ups. 

Chaparral Motel

Chaparral Motel
102 Central Avenue
Carrizozo, NM 88301
(575) 648-1196

Most likely a whole lot better than sleeping in your car.


Chaparral Motel

Ellis Store Country Inn
Lincoln, New Mexico

Not really nearby (about 45 minutes away in historic Lincoln), but so historically unique we had to mention it.  Billy the Kid actually did sleep here.  The charm of surrounding Lincoln (the only protected "historic" district in the county) is very old west (named one of Americans Top 10 "True West Towns" in 2010).  An award-winning chef in Ginny Vigil and a nice wine cellar.  If you're looking for an experience instead of just another place to sleep, Ellis Store Country Inn is a best bet.  (Some dining nearby, but mostly in the summer months.)  Reservations suggested.

Chaparral Motel

The Hurd-Wyeth compound
Hurd La Rincontada

San Patricio, New Mexico

Quite a distance from White Oaks, but if you're into art and the art world... you can actually stay in Henriette Wyeth's bedroom.  This is where she lived with her husband, artist Peter Hurd.  The Wyeth's (Andrew, N.C. Wyeth, Henriette) are considered by many to be the "first family of American art."  Not much to eat nearby, as we recall.


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