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Historic White Oaks, Lincoln County, New Mexico. Billy the Kid thought of White Oaks as a "resort."
Jamiee (Tate) Zischke's Windward Stables in White Oaks: Equine solutions through integrated horsemanship education. Return to the White Oaks home page.

For info call (575) 648.4015.

Located in the rolling foothills of White Oaks Canyon just southeast of the township site, Windward Stables in offers the beginning to advanced rider a focused, goal oriented approach to integrated horsemanship. This includes the study of the mechanics of movement of the horse and rider, the mind of the horse and human, and finding solutions to create harmony and success in horse/human partnerships.

Lessons and training in discipline specific performance include western hunt, seat, trail, endurance and beginning level dressage, jumping and driving.

In addition to the wonderful training and lesson facilities, Windward Stables offers access to miles of beautiful mountain trails in the surrounding Lincoln National Forest.

Overnight stabling is available in spacious tree-sheltered corrals.

Windward is operated by trainer and instructor Jaimee Zischke Tate. She is a member of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA), American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) and the Arabian Horse Association (AHA).

She can be contacted at 575.648.4015.

Referrences available.


Horseback riders in White Oaks Township, White Oaks School House in the background.


(Can include any desired combination of ground, mounted work and trail riding.) Subject to change.
1 hour $45 $55
Half Day Session
(4 hours)
$135 $165
Full Day Session
(7 hrs of work/1 hr break)
$175 $225
1 hour $25 $40
Half Day Session
(4 hours)
$80 $130
Full Day Session
(7 hrs of work/1 hr break)
$140 $175
1 hour session
Learning is easy with a miniature horse named Rufus. Learning to lead, groom and handle a horse is FUN!
• Ask about weekly and monthly training and lesson packages.
• ASTM certified protective helments are REQUIRED for all students ages 16 & under. Several sizes are available for loan to students taking lessons.
• Boots or shoes with 1/2 inch heel are highly recommended for all riders and REQUIRED to be worn by students ages 16 & under.
• Cash or check.



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