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Historic White Oaks, Lincoln County, New Mexico. Billy the Kid thought of White Oaks as a "resort."

The finest remaining example of an eastern influenced four room brick
school house
in New Mexico today.

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White Oaks Schoolhouse Museum, White Oaks, New Mexico.

The White Oaks Schoolhouse Museum is open about 10-4 on Saturdays and noon-4 on Sundays (maybe, they're having problems finding volunteers to man it on Sundays) during warm months (White Oaks Time).

It was built in 1895 and has four schoolrooms. The White Oaks Historical Society is restoring this building and has established a museum in it. Mrs. Joyce Simpson, Mrs. Lorene Casey, Mrs. Florence Ward and Mrs. Mary Stoneman were some of the most recent teachers. The school was closed in 1947. Rob Leslie, Nettie Lemon and Bill Gallacher were among the first students. The Gumm brothers built the school. The big classroom is now used as a meeting place. It has a maple floor often used for dances. It is still heated by a pot-bellied stove and still has the old blackboards. The original school desks are also still in the building, many bearing the autographs of former students. The old home economics room has the wood stove ready for the class.

The school house is available for special events, including weddings.

White Oaks School House, White Oaks, New Mexico.



Welcome to a virtual tour of one of the schoolhouse classrooms. The schoolhouse museum is generally open weekends from May-October. Click and hold mouse to tour the room.

Pioneer School Days at the White Oaks School House, White Oaks, NM, 2007
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Classes return to the White Oaks School House, 2007
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